Dedicating time to the pursuit of creating and playing      wild, non-regimented, soothing, harsh, delicate,             turbulent, hilarious, unrestrained, serine etc, etc singular and multiple sounds and timbres…Extremes             of pitch and non-linear dynamics…Regular and                irregular rhythms and malleable glides, slides, wiggles and wobbles of musical gestures…Spatial sound projection is an exciting (and maybe logical) progression…Especially for live performance.

The Holophonic Monster’s project has been made possible through the support of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) Synapse residency program and Swinburne University. This project is a collaboration between Dr David Sly from Swinburne University’s Clinical Technologies Laboratory (CTL) and Joanne Cannon.
Holophonic Monsters is a project that investigates the potential of holophonic audio projection in a live setting. Holophonic sound projection represents the next generation of existing spatial sound technologies which include higher order ambisonics (HOA) and wave field synthesis (WFS). Almost tangible, holophonic audio projection can generate highly articulated and intimate localization of sound sources throughout an entire 3-dimensional space. This project constructs, researches and evaluates a physical 24-channel speaker projection system array based on recent research of software modelling. Possible applications for real-time spatial sound interaction and manipulation are explored in tandem with sonification of data capabilities.

Joanne Cannon is the recipient of the 2018 Australian Network for Art and technology (ANAT) Synapse Residency Fellowship

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